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Flow with the founder of Inside Flow and the best Inside Flow teachers in the world, on one of the most beautiful islands in Europe.

Inside Flow and Soyoma Yoga Events created this event with the idea to set up something, that has never been there before. After the great success in 2022 & 2023 we are thrilled to bring it  up to the the next level in 2024. 

6 days  (from 10 am to 5 pm) you will  learn and level up your practice with Inside Flow, in the beautiful surrounding of Mallorca. This special combination gives you the chance, to practice closer and deeper than ever before with the Founder of Inside Flow, Young Ho Kim.


Join us on this special journey full of movement, breath and music in a global community.



The training covers detailed lessons on the key areas of Inside Flow including theory, practice, music, teaching, sequencing, and how to create Inside Flows. Inside Flow is a revolutionary vinyasa flow practice founded by Young Ho Kim.


This training is for Inside Flow teachers and Inside Flow lovers who practice it regularly. You will not only deepen your practice and knowledge about Inside Flow during this week, you will also feel the strong Inside Flow community around the globe.

The Inside Flow teacher training is internationally recognized and complies with American Yoga Alliance (AYA) guidelines. Once you have completed the teacher training and passed your exam, you will receive your Inside Flow certificate.

Please note: Inside Flow is a registered trademark. Those who teach Inside Flow are required to register on and pay an annual licensing fee.

The Teacher Team

more teachers & artists will be announced

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Young Ho Kim

Young Ho was born in South Korea and moved to Germany as a teenager. From an impressive career in Martial Arts, he fell in love with yoga. Though he learned many styles from various teachers, he struggled to find a sense of belonging. His insight was to blend all of his knowledge to create a fusion that created his own style of yoga.

Young Ho has since established the most renowned studio in Germany - Inside Yoga  -All you need is inside ( - based in Frankfurt. His scientific, non-dogmatic approach to Yoga blends with the simplicity of Zen Buddhism, with his down-to-earth style of teaching inspiring yogis and yoginis all across Europe, Asia and in the United States of Amerika. Young Ho truly believes in evolution and is always seeking for improvement and ongoing



Alexey has been teaching yoga for more than 10 years and is an international instructor of a modern, powerful yoga style. He has been practicing taekwondo since his youth, taking part in competitions and receiving numerous awards. As an Inside Flow Pro Teacher and Inside Yoga Senior Teacher, he is a permanent member of the Inside Academy training team. Based on his many years of experience, Alexey developed MYMOVES in 2019, an integrative movement concept that combines the gentle elements of yoga with the powerful elements of martial arts. In his further training and mentoring, he shares his profound knowledge of anatomy and explains the therapeutic context. You will learn to deepen your individual practice and develop a deeper understanding of the connection between body and mind. Alexey guides you through your practice with great empathy. Born in Kazakhstan, he now lives with his family in Berlin and offers regular classes, workshops and training in his YAROOTS Yoga & Health Lounge.



Hie Kim is one of the main teacher trainers of the legendary Inside Yoga Studio, which holds its teacher trainings in more than eight locations. 

Hie’s biggest premise in his Yoga classes is, that the class itself is created in the space between teacher and student. This reactive teaching style called “ECHO SEQUENCING” is an advanced training, that Hie teaches to established Yoga teachers. With a keen sense of methodology and a sensitive mind Hie Kim picks up his students right where they are and takes off to a journey where body, mind and emotions cross roads. His self-written shavasana poems are especially popular.


Rebecca Rasmussen spent her life studying the body through the world of dance. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Boston Conservatory and toured internationally for over a decade with the world-renowned dance company MOMIX. Rebecca is an international yoga teacher and coach with a focus on how to move mindfully on and off the mat. She is a graduate of the Kripalu School of Yoga, an Inside Flow Senior Teacher, and a Chromatic Yoga Leader. Rebecca has danced on a National Target commercial, a Mercedes Benz car show, and America’s Got talent. She was featured in Dance Magazine, on Wanderlust TV in their Yoga to Create series with Adidas & the Art of Movement, and Shadow Yoga presented by Goodness Knows. Rebecca’s passion is to share yoga and Inside Flow with those who want to learn how to move with grace and flow from the heart.



Since Anna went „with the flow“ her life changed. She fell in love with Inside Flow and passed the the Inside Flow Junior Exam in 2021. The same year she moved to Frankfurt and started teaching at Inside Yoga Studio, which opened up many new opportunities. In 2023 she passed the Inside Flow Senior Exam in Mallorca and is part of the inside yoga and inside flow teacher trainer team since.

Her style of teaching is influenced by her past as a writer as well as her gentle nature and the constant impulse towards progression. With a precise choice of words she aims to help practitioners and trainees to understand movement and connect to their bodies. Her goal is to inspire people to move because they enjoy it and fill their daily lives with self-made joy and ease.



Hi,I’m Tora from Korea.
I’m on a yoga journey with Inside Flow.
It always makes me feel alive.
Do you want to find your own life?
Follow your heart,Follow your light.


The Location: Central Studios Mallorca

Carrer de s'Escola Graduada, 41, 07350 Binissalem, Illes Balears

From the moment you walk into Central Studios you experience the ‘wow’ factor. A renovated shoe factory from the 60’s creatively converted into rental studios for photoshoots, film shoots, events and now into a special Yoga-Studio.


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